Is it still possible to do SEO in 2016 and get free organic search traffic without the fear of Google slapping you?

Well what I have we to say about the state of SEO in 2016? With the past history of Google acting very severely with their algorithm updates and wiping out many people’s websites from the top pages in the search results, you could be forgiven for thinking that SEO doesn’t work anymore and even SEO is dead.

Is SEO Really Dead?

This is in fact precisely what Google want you to believe.

google penguin penalty

What a Google Penalty looks like – not pretty. click to enlarge.

“Our search results can’t be manipulated to your advantage, so you better stop trying”.

And for many who have departed the SEO game, unfortunately for them, the only alternative to traffic from Google, is the ever increasingly expensive paid ads from Google Adwords.

The fact is SEO is now easier than it has ever been. I will say this again, so that it sinks in…SEO in 2016 is now easier than it has ever been.

No SEO Is Alive and Kicking – Just Different.

That is a pretty brash statement and one you are probably wondering if it could possibly be true.

“Is this guy nuts, or just raving, how could SEO be easier with all the updates from Google acting so destructively on anyone doing SEO?”

Fair question and one I am going to answer with no uncertain doubts in this blog post. So please read on…

As an SEO consultant of the past 6 years, I have seen my fair share of blood on the tracks when it comes to what Google can do to those who step outside their rules.

Websites that were doing so well, providing a great relevant search result for Google’s search visitors, decimated and slaughtered to the 9th page and subsequent sales, profits and businesses down the gurgler. Ouch!

What Is Going On Behind The Scenes With SEO?

Along the way I have kept my ear to the ground and observed what is going on behind the scenes, away from the public eye and the very vocal Google spokes-people and seen what is happening with search results and exactly what is producing them.

Google would loooove you to just create “great content” and “we will look after the ranking” for you. And that is exactly what they claim will work and get you traffic to your website.

You probably are aware that this just plainly doesn’t work.

Building Great Content Is NOT Enough!

The only problem with this is that their algorithm (the way they figure out who is worthy of the top #1 ranked position) is still based, yes even in 2016 on their original foundation principles that they established back in 1998.

So many people today are feeling frustrated by the fact that yes they have built a website filled with great content but still Google doesn’t rank them for much and it’s driving them crazy.

If that is you, and this is the reason why you are reading this post, then honestly, I feel your frustration.

Google Show You How To Do It – Yes It’s True!

You see people are still doing SEO and it is NOT just build a great website and Shazzam – instant traffic. No, not by a long shot.


Google’s new SEO allowed – 4,000 visitors per month. Note the steady rise, despite Google’s recent changes of the last 18 months. click to enlarge.

There is a way of doing SEO in 2016 that is Google compliant (not by their written rules but by their unwritten rules – a la  “who we allow to rank at the top”, rules) and it is way easier than the SEO of the past.

If you have access to the right tools, and a bit of know-how, you can see this for yourself. Really once the veil is lifted it is not hard to see what is really going on.

This Used To Take Loads Of Grunt Work – Not Anymore.

Previously, SEO was a hard slog, back in the days before the Google Penguin update in 2012.

Before you had to build more links to your site than the next guy and they had to be powerful links, from high quality sources. Essentially SEO was like an “arms race” with the biggest force winning.

That is what worked back then. It took a long time and involved a lot of (outsourced worker) hours to pull it off.

Today in 2016 the work required to pull off top rankings is miniscule by comparison. Instead of putting in thousands of hours of SEO work, you can do it all with a small fraction of the time previously invested.

What you need to understand is that there is a precise “right” way to do SEO that actually works and many, many wrong ways that will just lead to frustration.

Googles Algorithms Are Still Harsh But…

Many SEO practices that will still get you into hot water and out of the top of the search results are performed by the uninformed on a daily basis. This is very sad, and totally unnecessary!

You may even have had someone previously do SEO for you. An SEO firm, or consultant, an outsourced team or marketing company and another reason why you are probably reading this page is that things didn’t turn out so well. Am I right?

Click to enlarge. These 3 doctors different websites, each getting $30k - $50k free traffic and no Google Adwords fees!

Click to enlarge. These 3 doctors different websites, each getting $30k – $50k free traffic and no Google Adwords fees!

SEO Mastery Is Here To Help Solve The Mystery

The whole reason I started the SEO Mastery website and training courses was to fulfill the pressing need for people such as yourself to find out what SEO is really all about and because it is so much easier than it has every been, it is something that the average person can learn and master.

If the thought of finding out how to drive free organic traffic to your website get’s you excited, then we share the same ground here.

If you are sick and tired of paying through the nose for your search engine traffic, then isn’t it about time you figured out how to get possibly $30K worth of free traffic, like the plastic surgeons in the above example are doing? This is happening right now in 2016, it is SEO driven and happening right under the noses of those who are still stuck in the old ways of SEO or are forking out their hard earned profits, and this is taxing their bottom-lines incredibly.

If you want to get to know how to do all this for yourself, (really it is not that hard once you know how), why not sign up for my 5 day Free SEO Mastery email training course? Get started today!

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